Steel and a Healthy Economy

11 September 20
A healthy economy needs a healthy steel industry providing employment and driving growth (worldsteel key message) - picture of Shanghai).

Steel is everywhere in our lives for a reason. Steel is the great collaborator, working together with all other materials to advance growth and development. Steel is the foundation of the last 100 years of progress. Steel will be equally fundamental to meeting the challenges of the next 100.

Key facts:

  • The average world steel use per capita has steadily increased from 150kg in 2001 to around 230kg in 2019, making the world more prosperous.
  • Steel is used in every important industry; energy, construction, automotive and transportation, infrastructure, packaging, and machinery.
  • By 2050, steel use is projected to increase by around 20% compared to present levels in order to meet the needs of our growing population.
  • Skyscrapers are made possible by steel. The housing and construction sector is the largest consumer of steel today, using more than 50% of steel produced.

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